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4P Protection Plan

How It Works?
Over the past 16 years, we at Pre-Press Plus Printing Machinery Company and prior to that Pre-Press Equipment Company Inc., have found that there is nothing more gratifying than a pleased customer. In dealing with used equipment, there is always a chance that a piece of equipment may fail or may not meet one's needs. Our "Pre-Press Protection Plan" enables the customer to evaluate our product for 10 business days. If not satisfied, Pre-Press Plus Printing Machinery Company will take the machine back and refund our customer's money in full. This does not apply to dealers.

The "4P Program": Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The small print of our policy is the following: Any damage incurred to the unit in transit in a truck not consigned by Pre-Press Plus to and/or from or at the customers premises shall be taken care of before it comes back to Pre-Press Plus and at the customers expense. This includes glass, lights, motors, pumps or anything else that may be damaged. Also, the unit will be transported to the consignee and back to Pre-Press Plus at the customers expense. Machinery must be paid for prior to shipment. This program does not include new equipment.